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Fishing Bay Yacht Club held its Annual Meeting and Awards Party on Saturday, November 17th at the Commonwealth Club in Richmond. The following is a list of all of the trophies and recipients that were awarded at the Commonwealth Club.

This year the awards were started off with a special award for Achievement in International Junior Competition. This award is to recognize an FBYC Junior who not only qualified for Team USA, but finished 5th overall in the 2018 Optimist World Championship in Cypress. This sailor is the first junior from our club to reach this top level of competition and we are glad to recognize Tommy Sitzman with this award.

The HENRY E. HUTCHESON, Jr. MEMORIAL TROPHY is awarded to the Opti sailor with the top standing in CBYRA regattas and our club regattas combined and the YOUNG SALT TROPHY is awarded to the Optimist sailor with the highest overall standing in FBYC junior regattas. This year, both awards went to Madeline Amthor.

The L. WOOD BEDELL TROPHY is awarded to the junior sailor under the age of 14 who placed the highest in FBYC races during the season using the CBYRA one design high point system. This year’s winner was Bo Angus.

The JUNIOR COMPETITION TROPHY recognizes the young sailor that has most successfully represented FBYC in events conducted by other Yacht Clubs or Associations during the regular racing season. The REID A. DUNN TROPHY is awarded to the Junior sailor over the age of 14 who has demonstrated outstanding sailing abilities by placing highest in FBYC races using the CBYRA high point system. The winner of both of these awards was Jordan Bendura.

The ROBERTS BOWL is awarded to the Junior Sailor who has shown the most interest in the club as evidenced by enthusiasm, improvement, and cooperation in the Junior Program. This year’s award winner was Charlotte Patterson.

The CAROLINE COLLINS TROPHY honors the outstanding performance by a young lady in the Junior Program, as evidenced by her standing in the Laser Radial results from both the club’s Junior Regatta and the bay-wide CBYRA High Point competition. This year’s recipient was Evie Wensell.

The UP AND COMING TROPHY recognizes young Development Team sailors with great potential as sailors and team members; and who have a great future at FBYC. This year’s winners were Cal King & Charlotte Staas.

The BECCA BOAT TROPHY is dedicated in the memory of Rebecca Clary Harris, a former FBYC Junior, by her parents, Richard and Kay Clary. Her family remains very active in our Junior Program, both during Junior Week and on the Race Teams. Becca loved FBYC and this award is given each year to the female junior who most exemplifies Becca’s devotion to FBYC. This year’s recipient was Georgia Wensell.

In 1973, the PATRICK A. GIBSON MEMORIAL TROPHY was established to recognize the one design class with the best participation as a percentage of its fleet size in FBYC sanctioned races. This year’s fleet was the Flying Scot fleet.

The BLANTON BOWL was presented to the club in 1951 by Mr. R. E. B. Blanton. Today it is awarded to the Laser skipper with the highest standing in Sanctioned Regattas and intra-club races. The winner of the 2018 Blanton Bowl was Jon Deutsch.

In 1997, the WAYLAND W. RENNIE CRUISING AWARD was first presented to its namesake to annually honor a member's support of the Cruising Division. This year’s recipient was Helen and Dacre Walker.

Since 1981, the COMPETITION TROPHY has been presented to the skipper or skippers who most successfully represented FBYC at racing events conducted by others, taking into consideration the character of the events, the quality of the competition and the performance of the recipient.This year’s recipient was Glenn Doncaster.

Since 1980, the OFFSHORE DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY has been awarded annually to the skipper who accumulates the best point score during the regular racing season. This year’s winner from PHRF A won the Spring, Fall, and Distance Series. This year’s winner was Craig Wright in Afterthought.

The ALLEN B. FINE TROPHY was established in 1985 to recognize the importance of good crew members to every skipper. This year winner was Scott Thurston.

The SPORTSMANSHIP TROPHY was first presented by Commodore Russell Collins in August 1992. This trophy is to be awarded to the Offshore Division skipper who displays the best sportsmanship in the Regular Racing Season. This year’s winners were Stuart Kegan and Katharine Yudkin.

In 2015, the CLINARD CUP was donated by former Commodore Noel Clinard , FBYC's first J/70 Owner and the founder and first Fleet Captain of J/70 Fleet 5. It is awarded to an FBYC J/70 yacht for both participation and performance in FBYC events and J/70 Class travel events. This year’s winner was Clark Dennison.

The HUBARD TROPHY was presented by Commodore Happy Hubard, and longtime Junior Activities Chairman, Kenzie Hubard, to be awarded to the outstanding woman sailor for dedication, participation, performance and sportsmanship in sailing. This years winner was Karen Soule.

The ANNUAL RACE COMMITTEE TROPHY is awarded to the FBYC member who has made the year’s greatest contribution to race committee work. This year’s recipient has been a dedicated Club member for many years and has even earned this award previously. This year’s winner was Cathy Clark.

It is the Commodore’s privilege to choose the class for the FISHING BAY CHALLENGE BOWL. At the outset of each year, the Commodore selects a fleet for the individual recipient of this trophy with the purpose of encouraging fleet development, competition and participation in that fleet. This year Rob Whittemore wanted to use this award to help promote multi-generational sailing at FBYC. He determined that the Bowl would be awarded to the best performing FBYC boat with two generations on board. This year’s recipients are Dan and Gannon Troutman.

The COMMODORE’S BOWL was presented in 1949 by the Commodores of the Club who held office from its organization in 1938 to 1949. The award is made annually to the outstanding Skipper in Fishing Bay Yacht Club-sponsored sailing events for the year, based upon performance and participation. The Commodores' Bowl is awarded on an alternating year basis to the Offshore and One-Design Divisions, starting in 1976 with the One-Design Division. This year it was awarded to the One Design Skipper John Wake.The MATTHEW FONTAINE MAURY BOWL is the highest honor Fishing Bay Yacht Club awards. The Bowl is to be awarded by the Board of Trustees of the Fishing Bay Yacht Club to members for outstanding contributions to Fishing Bay Yacht Club. This year’s recipient is the perfect example of the volunteerism spirit that makes this club such a unique place. He was highly respected and truly loved by all who worked or sailed with him. This year’s recipient was William T. Bennett. Accepting for Ted, to a standing ovation was Myra Bennett.
The PIANKATANK TROPHY is one of our oldest, yet surely not the most coveted. This trophy is awarded to the club member “whose actions during the sailing season best exemplify the principle that all is not lost until the boat sinks.” That is not to say that recipients lack the requisite boat handling skills to stay out of trouble most of the time. The names of some of our more experienced and accomplished sailors embellish the Rocking Chair. This year’s winner was Norman M. “Mike” Camp in ‘honor’ of a short trip that had a planned duration of the trip was 3 – 4 hours, but which lasted 11 hours due to numerous challenges.

Other PERPETUAL TROPHIES (Awarded at Offshore Closing Day Regatta):
BAKER BOWL – awarded to the Flying Scot skipper with the highest standing in Sanctioned Regattas and intraclub races: John Wake.
NOTT MEMORIAL TROPHY – awarded to the skipper of the Flying Scot finishing the greatest number of Sanctioned and Non-Sanctioned FBYC sponsored Flying Scot events during the calendar year: John Wake.
PERFORMANCE TROPHY – awarded to the FBYC enrolled yacht finishing the greatest number of Club-sponsored PHRF races: Schiehallion - Brad Miller.
WINDWARD START TROPHY – awarded to the FBYC enrolled PHRF-B yacht with the best score in the Offshore Fall Series: Mad Hatter - Bob and Lisa Fleck.
BARBER TROPHY – awarded to the PHRF-C skipper who beat the most competitors during the Regular Racing Season: Cheeky Monkey - Julie Ann and Paul Wash.
HICKS TROPHY – awarded to the winner of the FBYC’s One Design Long Distance Race: John Wake.

The following 2018 PERPETUAL TROPHIES were awarded at the Event
JOHN R. HAWKSWORTH MEMORIAL TROPHY – awarded to the skipper of the one design class in the Club’s Annual One Design Regatta with a minimum average number of five starters per race and with the lowest score as calculated by the formula detailed in the Sailing Instructions for the event: John and Sharon Wake.

BRENTON S. HALSEY, JR. MEMORIAL TROPHY – awarded to the winner of the Stingray Point Regatta. Bob Fleck and the crew of Mad Hatter.

CHESAPEAKE LASER MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY – awarded to the winner of a series of races in Lasers sailed by persons 35 years of age or older was awarded to Rob Hallawell from USSCMC.

*For more details on the description of each award, its history, award recipients, and a photo of what the award looks like please go to https://www.fbyc.net/club/trophies/

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