Date Event Name Docs Register by
01/29/10 Winter Program - Mike Aiken-Va Eye at 630pm
02/19/10 Bermuda High - Usrys at 630pm
03/05/10 Cruising Class Welcoming Party
03/20/10 Spring Clean up day
03/23/10 Crew Training
03/27/10 Safety at Sea Seminar 2432-Flyer.doc
04/03/10 Crew Training
04/10/10 Crew Training
04/17/10 Opening Day Regatta 2440-homepagebackground.gif
2446-Opening Day Race 1.html
Photos on Flickr
04/18/10 Spring Series 1 2472-race 1.html
2473-race 2.html
04/24/10 One Design Opening Day 2441-homepagebackground.gif
2455-One Design Opening Day Results.html
04/25/10 Spring Series 2 2469-standings.html
2470-race 3.html
2471-race 4.html
05/01/10 Mathews Yacht Club Cruise
05/01/10 Spring Series 3 2474-Standings.html
2475-race 5.html
2476-race 6.html
2477-race 7.html
05/02/10 Stew Pot Regatta - SS1 2478-Standings.html
05/08/10 Spring Series 4
05/09/10 Mother's Day
05/15/10 Captains Choice Cruise
05/15/10 Spring Series 5 2483-Final Standings.html
2484-race 8.html
2485-race 9.html
2486-race 10.html
Photos by Andrea Ziliski
05/16/10 Salsa Bowl Regatta - SS2 2490-Salsa Bowl Regatta - Results.pdf
05/22/10 Piankatank Regatta - SS3 2492-Results.pdf
05/23/10 Stove Point Regatta - SS4 2493-Results.pdf
2499-Series Standings.html
05/29/10 Fishing Bay to Urbanna 2479-Flyer.doc
Photos by Clark Dennison
Photos by Allan Heyward
2497-Race Results.html
2498-Race Details.html
05/29/10 Rosegill Cruise - pls register under FB to Urbanna
05/30/10 RRYC River Races
05/31/10 Memorial Day
06/12/10 Captains Choice Cruise
06/12/10 Cut Channel Race 2501-race 1.html
06/12/10 Opti Kids
06/12/10 Opti and Laser Race Team
06/19/10 Delmarva Circumnavigation
06/19/10 Opti Kids
06/21/10 Junior Week 2453-2010 MEDICAL CONSENT FORM.doc
Photos by David Lennarz
06/23/10 Parents Laser Race
06/26/10 Junior Annual Regatta Photos by Jon Deutsch
06/26/10 Moonlight Race 2506-Moonlight Race.html
Photos by Jon Deutsch
06/26/10 Opti Development Team
07/03/10 Summer Seabreeze
07/04/10 Long Distance Race 2503-Flyer.pdf
07/05/10 YMCA Community Sailing Camp Photos on Flickr
07/10/10 Leukemia Cup Regatta 2502-Final NOR.doc
2512-Classic_Cruising Race1.html
Photos by Jon Deutsch
07/16/10 2010 US Optimist Dinghy Nationals Optinews-Feb-Mar 2010
Photo Collection
Event Committee
Championship Series Results - Gold
Championship Series Results - Silver
Championship Series Results - Bronze
Championship Series Results - Pearl
Fleet Race Qualifying Series Results
Green Fleet Results
Girls Nationals Results
Team Race Final Results
Team Race Round 2 Results
Team Race Round 1 Results
Video Newscast
Music Video
Archived News Feed
07/24/10 Progressive Dinner
07/31/10 Summer Seabreeze 2 2528-Final Standings-Revised.html
08/07/10 Cruise Regatta - fill out Handicap Form 2533-Results - Cruise Regatta.doc
08/14/10 71st Annual One Design Regatta 2536-Amendment to NOR.doc
2544-SI - Amended (8-11-10).doc
Photos on Flickr - Spin Course Day 1
Photos on Facebook - Day 2
Photos on Flickr - Awards
Photos on Flickr - Non Spin course
08/15/10 Pirate Invasion at Little Bay
08/15/10 Void
08/20/10 76th Hampton One Design National Championships 2530-Notice of Race.doc
08/21/10 Smith Point Regatta 2551-Standings.html
08/28/10 Captains Choice Cruise
08/28/10 Deltaville Regatta - FS1 2570-Results.pdf
09/04/10 Stingray Point Regatta 2555-Sailing Instructions.doc
Photos by cybrvanr
2557-race 1.html
2558-race 2.html
2559-race 3.html
2560-Final Standings.html
2561-race 4.html
2562-race 5.html
09/11/10 Tides Inn Cruise
09/11/10 Wolftrap Regatta 2564-Wolftrap.html
2565-Final Standings.html
09/18/10 Low Country Boil Regatta - FS2 2571-Results.pdf
09/25/10 Fall Series 1 2572-Standing.html
2574-race 1.html
2575-race 2.html
2576-race 3.html
09/25/10 One Week Cruise
09/26/10 Chilly Chili Bowl - FS3 2577-Chilly Chili Bowl FS3.html
10/02/10 Indian Summer - Sail Against SIDS 2566-Program.doc
2583-Sail Against SIDS Opti Results.pdf
10/03/10 Fall Series 2 2578-race 4.html
2579-race 5.html
2580-race 6.html
Photos by Jon Deutsch
10/09/10 Captains Choice Cruise
10/16/10 Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship Photos by Jon Deutsch
2589-Sailing Instructions.doc
2590-Day 1 Results.html
2591-Final Results.html
10/16/10 Fall Series 3 2592-race 7.html
2593-race 8.html
10/16/10 Wilton Creek Cruise
10/23/10 Fall Series 4 2596-race 9.html
2597-race 10.html
2598-race 11.html
2599-Final Standings.html
10/24/10 One Design Closing Day - FS4 2600-Results.pdf
2602-Final Standings.pdf
10/30/10 Closing Day Regatta 2610-Final Score.xls
11/06/10 Annual Meeting at CCV Photos on Flickr
11/06/10 Frostbite Race - CANCELLED
11/13/10 Fall Cleanup
11/20/10 US Sailing Judges Workshop and Test
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