New Jackson Creek Survey done 2/8/17 just published

Tom Roberts on

Club News

Just in time for sailing season, The Corps of Engineers has done another survey of Jackson Creek Entrance and published it today.   Previous was 9/1/16 this latest  done just last month on 2/8/17. Looks like the channel is more uniformly wide and 8 or more deep.  These last two surveys are color coded and lots easier to read and compare.  All recent surveys and condition reports are available with the link. 

New survey information has been added to ESDS.

Survey Number: JK_01_JCK_20170208_CS
Channel: Jackson Creek
Project: Jackson Creek
Surveying Start Date: 2/8/2017
Surveying End Date: 2/8/2017
You can view this data by visiting the ESDS website at http://gis.nao ...

Maintenance & Repair Project Update

Brian Ankrom on

Club News

Jackson creek dredging is complete & the markers have been placed! Here are the final soundings:



Around the Club, the East slip bulkhead has been backfilled and work as begun on the floors in Fannie’s House.  Please avoid going inside until February 25.


Jackson Creek Shoaling Between Green 7 and 9

Ted Bennett on

Cruising News

Everyone using Jackson Creek should be aware that significant shoaling continued between #7 & 9 over the winter.

Paul Almany has provided this depth contour which shows a 5ft MLW section before you approach #9 when entering Jackson Creek.  The picture shows his color chart countour overlayed on the 2014 Army Corps of Engineers depth survey chart.  From the chart looks like we will need to run a curve with the greatest distance away from #9 occurring about 200ft before and about 150 to the north.

Thanks to Paul and his slick Depth Plotter. 


Strother Scott on

SBR News You Can Use

FEATHER and CYMRU take CAPE CHARLES CUP!  A fleet of 87 boats, racers, cruisers, and multihulls,  left the western shore Saturday for the Eastern Shore and an overnight at Cape Charles.  There were 33 boats racing in the PHRF Division fleets, 52 in the Cruising Division divided among 3 fleets, and 2 multihulls.  The race over was a typical high summer race - delayed start due to  light air, shortened course, great party. The trip back on Sunday (Cape Charles to Hampton) was another story - wonderful breezes all day, but a mid afternoon, fast moving thunderstorm that tested skill and grit.  The Cape Charles Cup is a beautiful Weems and Plath glass and brass  lantern that is awarded ...

Jackson Creek dredging live on the webcam

Strother Scott on

Club News

dredgingWe understand the dredging of Jackson Creek is progessing pretty well and pending breakdowns will be finished well before Labor Day.

The Jacskon Creek webcam - started during the OptiNationals is still operating.  And you can watch the dredging live on it at the Optinationals Webcam page.

It is slow to load but it should show up as seen in Screen shot.

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