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Cape Charles Cruise

George Burke on

Cruising News
When Ted and Myra Bennett led their convoy of cruisers to Cape Charles on Saturday June 24, modest breezes were predicted for their return. But the only thing modest about the journey home for our cruisers on Sunday was the understated way that Ted describes it. Ted writes: "A fleet of 8 boats made the trip across the bay to Kings Creek Marina at Cape Charles on Sat June 24. Boats that made the crossing were: Battlewagon, Paul & Freda Cross – Celebration, Gordon & Sheila Nelson – Miss Kate, Tony & Kate Sakowski – Nugget, Charlie & Stella Jones – Obsession, Joe & Carolyn Schott – Pharos, Ted & Myra Bennett – Reflections, Sam & Nancy Stoakley – Wings, John & Fay Koedel. The wind was …

Living Large at FBYC's Junior Week

Eric Powers on

We must be living right. For nearly all of Junior Week we had beautiful warm weather including a full range of wind conditions on Fishing Bay from a 15-knot souwester to a full fish frying drifter at midweek. Sure the nettles made a prematurely prolific appearance along with fiesty hords of noseeums in the evening on a night or two, but by and large we were living very large. The kids tried on their sailing shoes with the help of some of the best coaches you'll find anywhere and I can't believe they didn't make some new friends. Best of all, they added to their enjoyment of the sport of sailing with memories that should last them …

AYC JR Regatta IS CANCELLED Tomorrow

Strother Scott on

Junior Activities
Due to the weather and complications please be advised the AYC Jr Regatta scheduled for tomorrow is CANCELLED .  Please pass the word to your junior sailors.  My apologies if you are erroneously receiving this message.
David M. McClatchy, Jr., Chair, CBYRA Jr. Division

Parents Stricken with Severe Fever

Lud Kimbrough on

Junior Activities

What race this year put more boats on the starting line than any other so far? How about the Parents' Races during Junior Week, June 20?

Maybe it was the Kool-Aid, maybe the relentless recruiting by Jon Deutsch and Alain Vincey, but I'd lay odds on plain old jealousy. Who wants to sit around checking email when the kids are having all that fun? Whatever it was, parents racing was one of the most fun evenings I've spent on or off a sailboat.

No less than 20 boats sailed eight or so races using rabbit starts in light and shifty conditions about a hundred yards off the FBYC pier. In the first race or two no one really …

The Captain's Choice

George Burke on

Cruising News
Sam Stoakely reports on the Captain's Choice Cruise:

"An enthusiastic group of cruisers met Saturday morning, June 17, for a light breakfast at Fanny’s House before departing for their chosen destination, the East River off Mobjack Bay. They enjoyed a fresh June breeze of 10 to 18 knots from either side of South that enabled most of the boats to sail two long tacks to New Point Comfort before turning downwind for a peaceful leg to their anchorage off William’s Wharf.

The fleet of 9 sailboats and the M/V “Danny A” formed up into two large rafts and then gathered for a friendly cocktail party on the fantail of “the flagship” Destiny (25 total revelers). Cruisers …

Opti Kids 2006!

Nica Waters on

Junior Activities

Anyone driving along Fishing Bay on the past 2 weekends might have slowed down to watch the fleet of Optimists, each sailed by a pair of tiny sailors, snaking its way across the water. Those intrepid salts (age 4-9) were this year’s crop of Opti Kids, and they really came a long way in their 4 days of sailing.

Starting with the basics of bow and stern, the kids (a morning group and an afternoon group) rapidly progressed to tacking and gybing, and even were introduced to some of the rules concerning right-of-way. By the end of the second Sunday, they could rig their own boats, sail around a set of marks, and even make their way towards buried …

Moonlight Race - Redress announced

Elizabeth Staas on

Offshore Racing

The FBYC Protest Committee has granted redress for RFR 2006-1, filed by Allan Heyward regarding the Moonlight Regatta Race 2006.  Based on disposition of RFR-1, RFRs 2006-2 and 2006-3 filed by Paul Cross and Brad Miller are also granted.  Pursuant to the discretion given to the Protest Committee under RRS 64.2 to grant redress to all boats affected without requiring additional requests for redress, the Protest Committee grants redress to all boats in the PHRF-Spinnaker class sailing in the race in question.


The redress granted is as follows: all boats in the PHRF-Spinnaker class which started the Moonlight Regatta Race 2006 are to be scored for the race and for the Long Distance Series as if …

Newport to Bermuda tracking - Cohen competing

Tom Roberts on

Offshore Racing
The Newport to Bermuda race started July 16th. Larry Cohen of FBYC is competing on "Dawn Treader" in the SDL class along with "locals" Don Patterson of Virginia Beach on "Orion", Jim Muldoon of Washington, DC on "Donnybrook" (is John Dodge aboard?). All three are near the front of their class after three days. There are over 250 boats entered. You can track the progress at complete with Gulf Stream currents and wind patterns.

July 15-16 Cruise To VIMS and Yorktown

Tony Sakowski on

Cruising News

We have updated the instructions for this event - to reflect these additions. Please go here to register.

July 15-16, 2006 Cruise to VIMS and Yorktown Riverwalk Landing

Plan to join the FBYC Cruisers when we embark on a trip down to VIMS (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) on early Saturday. We will stay at the Yorktown River Yacht Haven Marina on Sarah Creek. You will need to call the Marina with your reservation for a slip (804 642 2156) and identify yourself as a member of the FBYC cruising group. Provide the dockmaster with the length of your boat, draft, beam, sail/power, and power requirements. I’d suggest you do this as early as possible to assure a slip …

Moonlight Regatta-Spin Class

Elizabeth Staas on

Offshore Racing

The facts:
1.) One PHRF Spin boat was initially "finished" within the first time limit. All remaining PHRF Spin boats were finished within the latter time limit, but did not finish within the initial time limit.
2.) The race was scored.
3.) No protest or redress was filed.
4.) The initially "finished" boat later admitted they did not sail the proper
course (28.1).
5.) No PHRF Spin boat finished the race within the prescribed time limit.

The race is abandoned (32.1 (e) for any other reason directly affecting the safety or fairness of the competition) for the PHRF Spin class by the Race Committee, and consequently, the race is not officially scored for the PHRF Spin class …

2006 Moonlight Race/PHRF Spin Class

Randy Alley on

Offshore Racing
The 2006 Moonlight Race is abandoned (32.1 (e) for any other reason directly affecting the safety or fairness of the competition) for the PHRF Spin class (only) by the Race Committee, and consequently, the race will not be officially scored for the PHRF Spin class. No boat in the PHRF Spin class sailed the proper course and finished within the initial time limit. Randy Alley, Race Chair.

Parent's Race - Tuesday June 20

Jon Deutsch on

One Design Racing

The FBYC Laser Fleet would like to invite junior parents and any other sailors out for some evening racing Tuesday, June 20. Lasers, 420s and any other fleet with 3 or more boats are welcome. We’ll get a lot of fun, informal races in with the first start just off the dock at 6pm. We’ll have an informal skipper’s meeting at 5:30 to review rabbit starts or whistle starts. We’ll race until we run out of light or wind.

This event was a big success last year and we hope with all of the parents in town for junior week that this year will be just as good. If you don’t have a laser …


Lin Mccarthy on

SBR News You Can Use
BUMPS EBERWINE, CHRISTIAN SCHAUMLOFFEL, BOB ARCHER, MD RILEY, and RODNEY PAICE are fleet winners at 2006 HOMETOWN REGATTA.   A northwest wind at 18 knots with gusts over 20, sent the 2006 Hometown Regatta boats flying around the courses in Hampton Roads and the lower Elizabeth River.   The event is sponsored by Portsmouth Boat Club and Portsmouth Yacht Club.  Bumps Eberwine, in his Olson 25, Spray,  took line honors for the shorter course (8.48) and first place in the PHRF C Fleet.   MD Riley won PHRF Non-Spin 1 and Rodney Paice won PHRF Non-Spin 2, both non-spin fleets also sailing the shorter course.  On the 12.20 mile course, Christian Schaumloffel, Hobie 33, and Bob Archer …

Another lost at sea

David Hazlehurst on

Cruising News
Annapolis Publisher still missing.

Today's Washinton Post reports the loss of Phillip Merrill, publisher of the Washingtonian magazine and long time sailor. Aged 72, he became an avid sailor at age 7, when he began swabbing boats in exchange for sailing lessons. Reports suggest he was out alone on his 41 sailboat, Merrilly, and was probably not wearing a life vest. No matter how experienced you are, wearing a life vest is required of all Juniors at all times, and by everyone under 8, or anyone who is a non-swimmer, on all club piers. And life vest to me means a well fitting life vest, not an oversized golden oldie your overweight grandfather dug out for you. And water …

Rules Reminders

Lud Kimbrough on

Clubhouse News
We all look forward to seeing everyone and all families at Opti-Kids, Moonlight racing, Junior Week, and the Junior Regattas over the next two weeks.

As a reminder, dogs and personal watercraft are prohibited from FBYC. Anyone under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a parent when upstairs in the Club House.

Please warn children not to go into the FBYC road without supervision and care, and wear PFDs when on the docks and bulkheads. Have a fun, healthy, and safe time!

June, 2006 LOG "Tradewind" OMISSION

Victor G. DeNunzio on

Club News
Due to a technical glitch of some sort, the following NEW ADS did not appear in the June Log. Since timing may be important for these, I am posting them on the Website as an alternative. They will be in the July Log if still available:
  • Wanted to Buy: Used sail for a Laser. Contact Andy or Evelyn Turner at 804-776-6349.
  • Flea market confession: I have the tripod that was unknowingly left out of the telescope box that was sold on that eventful day, do you know who purchased it? Call Sherry Coker (804) 776-6374 to claim it.
  • 27’ Mariah G&S ’88 “Insatiable” Custom MORC/PHRF racer. Drysailed only. Good condition & race ready. Nexus Speedo, GPS, Wind, Depth. Yanmar …
  • FBYC's Newest Yacht Christened

    Strother Scott on

    On Saturday night, Deborah and Durwood Usry christened FBYC's newest yacht - so new in fact that is not yet even in the Yacht Register.

    The Red and white yacht is a 1957 Larsen Thunderhawk, Jr. - LOA 16' - and she is powered by a 1961 Mercury 50HP Model 500 engine.

    Among the details at the carefully planned festivities was an unveiling of the name of the yacht - Aqua Belva - beautifully painted on the side of the stern by our own Kaptain Krunch. The name was not misspelled from the more familiar after shave lotion - but in fact Belva is the first name of Deborah's Mother.
    The text for the Christening ceremony follows:


    June 3rd, 2006 For thousands …

    Corrotoman Cruise

    George Burke on

    Cruising News
    On Sunday, May 28, following the race and celebration at Rosegill, 24 members of the Cruising Division joined Gordon and Sheila Nelson at their home on the Western branch of the Corrotoman to share potluck dishes with grilled entrees and exchange tales of sailing adventures, many of which were true. The anchorage in front of the Nelson home became a floating village as FBYC cruisers arrived thru out the afternoon and evening, paused to drop the hook and turn on the masthead, and to summon Gordon’s not-for-profit water taxi service.

    By popular demand, Cruising Division Lt. Commander Ed O’Connor opened the guitar locker of WRINKLED SHEETS and performed a medley of after-dinner tunes that prompted an outburst of …

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