Date Event Name Docs Register by
01/29/11 Winter Program - Member Highlights! Photos on Flickr
03/19/11 Spring Clean Up
03/22/11 Crew Training 2619-Notice and Course Description.pdf
04/02/11 Crew Training Photos on Flickr
04/09/11 Crew Training
04/16/11 Opening Day
04/17/11 Spring Series 1
04/23/11 Spring Series 2 Video with tornado damage
2730-Race 1.html
2731-Race 2.html
2732-Race 3.html
Photos by cybrvanr
05/07/11 Protest Training - after racing incl dinner Photos on Flickr
05/07/11 Spring Series 3 2733-Race 4.html
2734-Race 5.html
Photos on Flickr
05/22/11 Spring Series 4 2754-Race 6.html
2755-Race 7.html
2758-Race 8.html
2759-Standings - Final.html
05/28/11 Fishing Bay to Urbanna (LD Series) Photos by Jon Deutsch
2764-Race Results.html
06/11/11 Moonlight Regatta
07/02/11 Cut Channel Race (Long Distance Series) 2778-Cut Channel Race.html
Photos by Jon Deutsch
07/09/11 Leukemia Cup Regatta Photos by Jon Deutsch
2807-PHRF Race 1 rev.html
2808-PHRF Final Standing rev.html
2800-PHRF Race 2.html
2801-PHRF Race 3.html
2802-Cruising Race 1.html
2803-Cruising Race 2.html
2804-Cruising Race 3.html
2805-Cruising Final Standings.html
07/30/11 Cruise Regatta
08/20/11 Smith Point Race (Long Distance Series) Photos on Facebook
2825-Race 2.html
09/02/11 Stingray Point Regatta 2828-Race 1.html
2829-Race 2.html
2830-Race 3.html
2831-Race 4.html
2832-Race 5.html
2833-Results - Series.html
Photos by John Hubbard 223
Award Photos by John Hubbard
2838-Friday Race.html
Photos by Roger Craver 236
Photos on Flickr 76
09/10/11 Tides Inn Trip
09/10/11 Wolf Trap Race (Long Distance Series) 2845-Results.html
Photos on Facebook
09/17/11 Fall Series 1 2855-Results Race 1.html
2856-Results Race 2.html
2857-Standing Fall Series.html
09/24/11 Fall Series 2 2859-Race 3.html
2860-Race 4.html
2861-Race 5.html
10/02/11 Fall Series 3 2866-Fall Series 3 Race 6 Results.html
2867-Fall Series 3 Race 7 Results.html
2868-Fall Series Standings.html
Photos by John Hubbard
Photos by cybrvanr
Photos by Roger Craver
10/22/11 Fall Series 4 2883-Results Fall Series Race 8.html
2884-Results Fall Series Race 9.html
2885-Standings Final Fall Series.html
Photos by cybrvanr
Photos by Jon Deutsch
10/29/11 Offshore Closing Day and Oyster Roast
11/12/11 Annual Meeting and Awards Party at CCV James River 2890-AnnualAwardsFlier.doc
Photos on Flickr
11/19/11 Fall Clean up
11/30/11 Test Event
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