Date Event Name Docs Register by
01/12/13 A Year in the Life of Carina - 6PM Hilton Garden Inn
02/02/13 North U - Hilton Garden Inn downtown - 9am-430pm
02/16/13 Bermuda High Party at Home of Carl and Diane Simon 7PM
03/09/13 Safety at Sea Program - Obtain your Virginia Boater Card
03/12/13 Crew Training Program at Thalhimer 630pm-9pm
03/19/13 Crew Training Program at Thalhimer 630pm-9pm
03/23/13 Spring Clean Up
03/26/13 Crew Training Program at Thalhimer 630pm-9pm
04/06/13 Crew Training On-Water Session at FBYC
04/06/13 Welcome Cruisers Party
04/13/13 Opening Day 4556-Opening Day flyer.pdf
Facebook event
Facebook Pictures
4575-Race 1.html
Blessing of the fleet video
04/14/13 Spring Series 1 4573-Race 1.html
4574-Race 2.html
04/20/13 One Design Opening Day – Series 1 of 4 4582-.pdf.pdf
Front Runner Video
04/21/13 Spring Series 2 4580-Race 1.html
4581-Race 2.html
04/27/13 Crew Training On-Water Session at FBYC
04/27/13 Cruise to Mathews YC
04/28/13 Stew Pot Regatta – Series 2 of 4 4586-.html.pdf
Photos by Karen Huddle
05/02/13 Captains Choice Cruise
05/02/13 Pre-Captains Choice Cruise Dinner
05/05/13 Laser Clinic - 8:30am
05/05/13 Laser Spring Regatta – Laser Series 1 of 4 4597-Results.html
05/11/13 Spring Series 3 4611-PHRF A Provisional HP Standings.pdf
4612-PHRF B Provisional HP Standings.pdf
4613-PHRF C Provisional HP Standings.pdf
4614-PHRF NS Provisional HP Standings.pdf
4608-Race 5.html
4609-Race 6.html
4610-Race 7.html
05/18/13 New Cruisers Cruise
05/18/13 Spring Series 4 4617-Race 8.html
4618-Race 9.html
4620-PHRF A HP Final Standings.pdf
4621-PHRF B HP Final Standings.pdf
4622-PHRF C HP Final Standings.pdf
4623-PHRF NS HP Final Standings.pdf
05/19/13 Salsa Bowl Regatta – Series 3 of 4 4619-Results Spring Series 3.pdf
05/25/13 Race to Urbanna
05/25/13 Rosegill Cruise
06/01/13 Piankatank Regatta – Series 4 of 4 4639-Results.pdf
06/08/13 Opti Kids
06/08/13 Race Team Opti/Laser/ODT
06/15/13 Race Team Opti-Laser-ODT
06/15/13 Little Bay Cruise
06/15/13 Opti Kids
06/17/13 Junior Week 4630-JrWelcome.doc
4636-Medical Consent Form-1.doc
06/19/13 Parents Race – Laser
06/22/13 Moonlight Regatta 4654-Moonlight.html
06/22/13 Commonwealth of Virginia Junior Championship 4646-Notice of Race.doc
4650-Opti Day 1.html
4651-Laser Day 1.html
4652-Optimist Final.html
4653-Laser Final.html
Photos by Jon Deutsch
06/24/13 YMCA Sailing Camp
06/27/13 Pre-Captains Choice Cruise Dinner
06/28/13 Captains Choice Cruise
07/04/13 Long Distance Race 4669-Long Distance Results.pdf
07/06/13 Fun Sail 1 - CANCELLED
07/06/13 Summer Seabreeze 4673-Summer Sea Breeze Day 1.pdf
Photos by Jon Deutsch
07/13/13 Leukemia Cup Regatta 4674-Preliminary Scratch Sheet
4675-East Course Race 1.html
4676-East Course Race 2.html
4677-East Course Interim Standings.html
4678-West Course Race 1.html
4679-West Course Race 2.html
4680-West Course Interim Standings.html
4681-East Course Race 3.html
4682-East Course Race 4.html
4683-East Course Standings.html
4684-West Course Race 3.html
4685-West Course Race 4.html
4686-West Course Standings.html
07/18/13 Windmill Class National Championships 4584-logo.jpg
4663-NOR 6-25-13 amended.doc
4688-Sailing Instructions 7-18-13
Photos by Windmill Class Association
07/20/13 Maine Cruise
07/27/13 Summer Seabreeze 4691-Results.pdf
07/28/13 Laser Summer Regatta – Laser Series 2 of 4 4692-Laser Summer Regatta Results 2.pdf
08/03/13 Cut Channel Race (Long Distance Series) 4693-Cut Channel Long Distance Race.html
J70 Nostalgia Video
08/03/13 Fun Sail 2 - CANCELLED
08/10/13 74th Annual One Design Regatta 4649-NOR.doc
4707-AOD Course D West Scratch Sheet
4708-AOD Course D East Scratch Sheet
4709-AOD Course A Scratch Sheet
4710-AOD Course BC Scratch Sheet
4717-Course A Final Results.html
4718-Course BC Final Results.html
4719-Course D East Final Results.html
4720-Course D West Final Results.html
Video - Good Morning FBYC
Photos by Paul Wash
Photos by Jon Deutsch
08/17/13 Legacy of Sail Regatta (PF/FS) 4725-Legacy of Sail Regatta.pdf
Photos by Patrick Gregory
08/23/13 Cape Charles, Kiptopeke State Park Cruise
08/24/13 Smith Point Race (Long Distance Series) 4728-Smith Point Sunset 2012.jpg
4732-Smith Point Long Distance.html
Photos by Kaaren Huddle
08/30/13 Stingray Point Regatta 4704-Notice of Race.doc
4742-Stingray Ray Light Distance SIs.doc
4747-Prelim Scratch Sheet
4749-Distance Prelim Scratch Sheet
4751-Stingray Light Race - Final.html
4752-Stingray Point Regatta.html
4753-Race 1.html
4754-Race 2.html
4755-Race 3.html
4756-Race 4.html
4757-Race 5.html
Photos by John Hubbard
09/04/13 Potomac River Cruise
09/07/13 Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship 4759-Sailing Instructions.doc
Laser Disrict 11 Results
4760-Day 1 Results.html
4761-Final Results.html
Photos by Jon Deutsch
Video - Paddle Board races
Regatta Video
09/14/13 Wolf Trap Race (Long Distance Series) 4764-Wolf Trap Final.html
4792-LD Final Standings.html
09/15/13 One Design Fall Invitational and Laser Series 3 of 4 4777-Results.pdf
09/21/13 Fall Series 1 4769-Race 1.html
4770-Race 2.html
09/22/13 Low Country Boil – Series 1 of 4 Results.pdf
09/26/13 Captains Choice 3 day Cruise beginning Thursday Evening
09/27/13 Captains Choice Cruise
09/28/13 Indian Summer – Series 2 of 4 4787-.html.pdf
09/29/13 Fall Series 2 4782-Race 3.html
4783-Race 4.html
4785-Interim High-Point Standings.html
10/05/13 Fall Series 3 Photos by Karen Soule
10/06/13 Deltaville Regatta – Series 3 of 4 4793-Daily Results.html
10/10/13 Pre-Captains Choice Cruise Dinner
10/11/13 Captains Choice Cruise
10/19/13 One Design Closing Day – Series 4 of 4 4823-.html.pdf
10/20/13 Fall Series 4 4806-Race 6.html
4805-Race 5.html
4807-Final Standings.html
10/26/13 Offshore Closing Day 4817-SSIs.pdf
4811-Start Times Course A.pdf
4815-Chart (Informational Only).pdf
4812-Start Times Course B.pdf
4816-Start Times Course D.pdf
4818-Race 1.html
Cheeky Monkey video
10/26/13 Wilton Creek Cruise and Party
11/02/13 Laser Frostbite Regatta – Laser Series 4 of 4 4820-Results.html
Photos by Lud Kimbrough
11/16/13 Commodore's Ball (date changed)
11/23/13 Fall Clean-Up
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