Date Event Name Docs Register by
02/20/09 Winter Program - Tucker Thompson - 7PM 2181-winter program.doc
03/06/09 Bermuda High 6:30PM Henri Rd
03/14/09 Race Committee Training
03/18/09 2009-2012 Racing Rules Seminar 6-10PM
03/21/09 Spring Clean Up Day
03/23/09 Flying Scot Midwinters
03/26/09 Crewing on a Racing Sailboat - Basic Skills Course 2187-Course Description.doc
03/28/09 On The Water Crew Training
03/28/09 Protest Committee Training
03/28/09 Welcome Cruisers Party
04/04/09 On The Water Crew Training
04/11/09 On The Water Crew Training
04/18/09 Opening Day 2192-Opening Day results.html
04/19/09 Spring Series 1 2194-Spring Series 1 Results.html
2196-Race 1 details.html
04/25/09 Stew Pot Regatta-Spring Series 1 2204-Spring Series.html
04/26/09 Spring Series 2 2201-Spring Series 2 results.html
2202-details race 2.html
2203-details race 3.html
Photos by Jon Deutsch
05/02/09 Spring Series 3 2208-Spring Series 3 results.html
2211-details race 4.html
2212-details race 5.html
05/03/09 Salsa Bowl-Spring Series 2 2216-Spring Series 2.html
05/09/09 Spring Series 4 2217-Series Final Results.html
2218-Details race 6.html
2219-Details Race 7.html
05/16/09 Mathews Yacht Club Cruise
05/17/09 Piankatank Regatta-Spring Series 3
05/22/09 Down The Bay
05/23/09 Long Distance Series 1-Urbanna 2215-Flyer.doc
2223-Long Distance Series.html
Photos on Flickr Rosegill Party
Photos on Facebook
05/23/09 Rosegill Race/Urbanna Cruise
05/24/09 After Rosegill Cruise to YPYC 2222-Long Distance Series.html
05/24/09 RRYC Races
05/29/09 South Bay Race Photos on Facebook
05/30/09 Margaritaville Regatta- Spring Series 4 2227-Final OD Spring Series.html
06/05/09 Art On Fishing Bay
06/06/09 Long Distance Series 2-Cut Channel Race 2228-Race 2 Standing.html
2229-Race 2 Details.html
Photos on Facebook
06/06/09 Southern Bay Cruise
06/13/09 Opti Kids
06/13/09 Opti and Laser Race Teams 2309-.html
06/20/09 Opti Kids
06/22/09 Junior Week 2205-Medical Consent Form.doc
2206-Parent Waiver Form.doc
Photos on Flickr -group pics
06/23/09 Parents Race-Laser 420
06/25/09 Leukemia Sail-A-Thon
06/25/09 Opti Development Team
06/27/09 FBYC Summer Jr Regatta Photos on Flickr
06/28/09 Norfolk Junior Regatta
06/28/09 Summer Seabreeze-1
07/02/09 Fireworks/St. Marys Cruise
07/04/09 Long Distance Race 2232-Flyer
2244-SIs - PHRF NonSpin and OD.doc
2246-SIs - Leuk Cruising and Classic.doc
Pictures on Flickr
07/05/09 Leukemia Cup Challenge-Summer Seabreeze-2
07/10/09 Leukemia Reception
07/11/09 Leukemia Cup 2236-Paper Registration if U must.doc
2254-SIs - PHRF NonSpin and OD.doc
2255-SIs - Leuk Cruising and Classic.doc
2278-Results Standing rev 2.html
2279-race-1 rev2.html
07/18/09 Little Bay Family Cruise
07/18/09 Summer Seabreeze-3
07/19/09 Screwpile
07/22/09 Maine Rendezvous
07/25/09 Cruise Regatta
07/26/09 Safety and Seamanship - CANCELED
08/01/09 Long Distance Series 3- Moonlight Regatta 2293-Race Abandoned.html
08/08/09 Tides Inn Rendezvous
08/15/09 70th Annual Regatta and Va Junior State Champs 2270-Medical Consent Form - Va States.doc
2285-Revised Sailing Instructions.doc
2286-Revisions and Addenda to SIs.doc
2290-RWB Opti Results.xls
2287-Big Boat Results.html
Photos on Flickr -OD Races
Photos on Flickr - party and boats
2292-Laser 420 Results.html
08/21/09 50th Mobjack Nationals 2272-NOR and Registration.pdf
08/22/09 Long Distance Series 4-Smith Point 2295-Race results.html
08/29/09 Corrotoman River Cruise
08/29/09 Deltaville Regatta-Fall Series 1 2300-Fall Series One.html
09/04/09 Stingray Point Welcome
09/05/09 Stingray Point Regatta 2298-Event Schedule.doc
2301-Final Standings.html
Photos on Flickr 108
09/12/09 Long Distance Series 5-Wolf Trap 2310-Final Results.html
09/13/09 Stove Point Regatta - Fall Series 2 2314-Results.pdf
09/19/09 Low Country Boil-Fall Series 3 2334-Results.xls
09/19/09 Mid Bay Cruise
09/20/09 Fall Series-1 2318-Series Standing.html
2319-race 1.html
2320-race 2 .html
09/26/09 Crab Feast Cruise
09/26/09 Fall Series-2 2325-Standings.html
2326-race 3.html
2327-race 4.html
2328-race 5.html
10/03/09 Indian Summer - Sail Against SIDS 2329-Indian Summer Sail Against SIDs.xls
10/04/09 Fall Series-3 2330-Standing.html
2331-race 6.html
2332-race 7.html
2333-race 8.html
10/10/09 Turkey Shoot
10/17/09 Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship 2337-SailingInstructions.doc
2342-Results after day 1.html
Photos by Jon Deutsch - many
Photos on Flickr +videos
10/17/09 Fall Series-4 2343-fnal standing after throw out.html
2345-race 9.html
2346-race 10.html
10/17/09 Wilton Creek Cruise and Party
10/24/09 Staggered Start Race - Oyster Roast 2355-Closing Day Regatta Results.xls
10/25/09 Chilly Chili Bowl -Fall Series 4 2347-Results.html
Photos on Facebook
Photos on Flickr
11/01/09 Frostbite 2357-race results.html
11/07/09 Annual Meeting - Dinner - CCV James River Clubhouse 2353-Revised Flyer.doc
Photos on Flickr - annual awards
11/21/09 Fall Clean-Up 830am - Lunch
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